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​Promo Products are Afoot

Kelly Glass

When it comes to promotional apparel, shirts tend to be the most popular. When someone is wearing a branded shirt, the logo is right there in front of everyone to see. But there’s a new trend in town: statement socks. Really, things that go on your feet! It’s a subtle style of branding. You don’t necessarily know if a brand has penetrated your consciousness if you see someone wearing logoed socks, but the company name may pop into your head later that day unannounced.

​Take Advantage of Unconventional Advertising

Kelly Glass

For Cinco de Mayo in 2016, Taco Bell struck marketing genius. The company leveraged popular social network Snapchat to allow users to turn their faces into giant taco shells. It was a hit and the campaign broke Snapchat records, achieving 224 million views in a single day. But it came at significant cost to the restaurant chain.

In the Wake of McDelivery

Kelly Glass

As almost everyone who goes online now knows, July 19 was McDelivery Day — a day when McDonald’s partnered with Uber Eats to cart out a bunch of swag to hungry brand loyalists. If someone placed an order with Uber Eats for McDonald’s between 10:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. that day, they could expect some fancy McD’s promotional products to arrive with their food in an obscenely large Big Mac box (maybe, we’re not entirely sure about the box).

How to Sell Your Products to Specialty Markets

Kelly Glass

We all know how to sell promotional products to small- and medium-sized businesses. It’s the industry’s forte and how the majority of companies have built their revenues — whether it be the first printer who sold book bags or the current distributor selling pens to a local bank. But one of the best ways to grow your business is to diversify your income. That means broadening your horizons to sales opportunities you wouldn’t have thought of before. Follow these tips on selling promotional products to three specialty markets.

​The Undeniable Genius of Taco Bell’s Branded Wedding Merch

Kelly Glass

Going to the chapel and we’re gonna get . . . tacos? Yep. About a year ago, Taco Bell began letting brand fanatics get hitched at its flagship store in Las Vegas. So far about 60 couples have been married at the restaurant and another 25 are already scheduled for this year.


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