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Helping SMBs Reboot their Trade Show Strategies

Kelly Glass

As 2017 rolls out, both big companies and small and medium size businesses (SMBs) are looking for ways to increase their visibility, strengthen their reputations and engage customers. Trade shows are one tactic that businesses in almost every sector rely on.

Tips for Selling to SMBs

Kelly Glass

When it comes to working with small and medium size businesses (SMBs), promotional products distributors can of course start by showing owners cool new products. Although this might seem like the most direct approach, there is a better way to work with customers, which will make your efforts more meaningful over the-long term.

Go Beyond Selling to Build Relationships

​Welcome the Hospitality Sector to Your Business Plan

Kelly Glass

The hospitality business is ever-changing. A sector that was dominated a hundred years ago by local inns and eateries is now so diverse that large chains like Marriott, Choice and W, as well as restaurants including Chili’s, Outback and Red Lobster, spread their big brands all over the world while smaller operations still pop up.


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