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​The History of the Promotional Products Industry

Kelly Glass

In 1789, George Washington took his position as the first president of the newly formed United States. With that came the first purposeful use of promotional products: commemorative buttons. They were printed and distributed throughout his campaign and then became so popular that similar items became available, including rulers, calendars and almanacs.

Wow Your Clients with Tech Enhanced Mailers

Kelly Glass

We may live in an almost completely digital world, but as we mentioned in a previous blog post, direct mail is still seeing great returns — and in some cases, it’s doing better driving sales than many other marketing channels. One of the perks of our digital existence, though, is that we can combine the latest technology with traditional methods in order to get more attention for things we want to promote. You can go beyond the standard catalog or postcard mailer and add some new-age interest to it.

Welcome Summer Warmth with Winning Outdoor Products

Kelly Glass

It’s officially summertime (Well, not officially, but we only got about a day of spring!). Warm weather means outdoor parties, cold drinks at the lake, grilling, catching rays on the beach . . . Essentially, it means a plethora of opportunities for promotional products companies to capitalize on the heat. If you haven’t yet hopped on the bandwagon of outdoor promos, follow these tips to make sure you do so in the best way possible.

Spotlight on the Top 5 Promotional Products Companies

Kelly Glass

Every year, ASI releases a list of the best places to work in the industry for both suppliers and distributors. Some interesting facts from this year? Washington won out as the state with the biggest concentration of winners, five in total, and small companies with 25 employees or less accounted for the majority of the list. Here’s an inside look at the top five companies winning the “best place” honor this year and why they made the grade.

​Promo Companies Make their Markle with Weird Royal Wedding Products

Kelly Glass

Royal Wedding fever recently struck the nation with the nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and promotional products companies worldwide appear to have had some fever dreams of their own. Successfully marketing unique products can be downright difficult, but these royal wedding-themed ones are . . . just plain weird!

4 Times Promotional Products Companies Helped Those in Need

Kelly Glass

Thanks to news that distributor sales reached a record-breaking $23.3 billion in 2017, we know the promotional products industry is alive and booming. With such a big sales base, we’d be remiss not to give back to our communities as much as possible. Here are four instances when promotional products companies helped bring awareness to a cause, raised money for those in need or helped out with disaster recovery efforts.

How to Handle Natural Disasters at Your Business

Kelly Glass

The weather’s been crazy, right? Hurricanes, blizzards, flooding, nor’easters . . .  all things that can cause major disaster for your business. You’ll need to act quickly if you want to be sure the damage isn’t irreversible or even more costly. If you’re the unfortunate victim of a force of nature, follow these steps to minimize the impact.

How to Resolve those Pesky Client Conflicts

Kelly Glass

Say it with me: The customer isn’t always right. Shocking, I know! But it’s true. And nothing can make a client angrier than not being right. It’s unfortunate how many client conflicts are born. But you don’t have to let disagreements with a customer ruin your business relationship. Here’s how to manage those customer conflicts and come out on top — without any lost revenue. (Special thanks go to Vanilla Ice for the entirely appropriate section headlines.).

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