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Lasting Impressions: Tips on How to Create Memorable Employee Uniforms

Kelly Glass

A customer’s opinion of a business is most often based on an interaction that occurs between the individual and the company’s employees. This effectively means that your clients are hiring workers to be ambassadors for their brands and, according to Business.com, “a new customer will develop an impression about your employee (and your business) in their first seven seconds with your employee.”

7 Promotional Products for Health and Wellness Companies

Kelly Glass

If you target or want to target health and wellness companies, the product possibilities are virtually endless when you consider all the events, races and teams they can get involved in to market their businesses. Whether it’s sponsoring a 5K race, an intramural sports organization or the local little league team, businesses such as gyms, vitamin shops, athletic shoe stores and more can make their marks with their logos on must-have fitness items.

Design Express

There are a range of great clothing accessories for fall and winter, including everything from gloves and earmuffs to scarves and warm, cozy socks. Like beanies and knit caps, these items can be embroidered with logos and come in many colors.

Traditional and Social: A Perfect Marketing Combo

Kelly Glass

By this point in 2017, the use of social media is second nature to almost everyone. Posting on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and a slew of other media channels is as comfortable as sending emails. According to Statista, 81 percent of Americans have at least one social media profile.

Promo Products to Bundle Up In

Kelly Glass

Putting a brand or logo to work not only helps a company to look good; it also keeps its name ever-present in the minds of customers. Certainly wearables — including hats, outwear and jackets — are a huge part of the promotional products landscape. But there are always new items coming to market and ideas that distributors can present to their customers to make them stand out.

Bags and Carry Accessories: Perfect for Brands on the Go!

Kelly Glass

The freebie tote bag is becoming as much of an accessory in American life as perhaps the belt and maybe even shoe laces. This summer, we wrote about its appeal with consumers increasingly concerned about the environment.

Enthusiasm for a Cool Marketing Season

Kelly Glass

Fall is certainly filled with themes on which businesses can capitalize. For example, there is back-to-school, turning leaves and pumpkin-spiced everything. There is also the second-most lucrative holiday for most retailers, Halloween. Other important events include Thanksgiving and Veterans' Day, as well as marketing-driven occasions such as Sweetest Day.



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