October 24, 2017

Promo Products to Bundle Up In

Submitted by Kelly Glass

Putting a brand or logo to work not only helps a company to look good; it also keeps its name ever-present in the minds of customers. Certainly wearables — including hats, outwear and jackets — are a huge part of the promotional products landscape. But there are always new items coming to market and ideas that distributors can present to their customers to make them stand out.

Cooler temperatures are here in most parts of the country. For some people that means skiing, holiday festivities or just throwing snowballs in the yard. For others winter involves bundling up and trying to survive the weather. The good news is that there is something all businesses can offer to warm up relationships and build brand affinity with their audiences.

To provide some assistance to you, during our latest scan of available products, we found a few items that are perfect for the next few months.


"When you’re discussing logoed apparel with clients, don’t forget their feet," the Advertising Specialty Institute wrote on their website this month.

ASI pointed out that custom socks with fun graphics or bold designs could be the perfect way to make lasting impressions, especially with younger crowds. For example, socks with colorful logos are ideal for local schools and sports teams, non-profits that raise money through events like 5K runs or even quirky local craft breweries. Even fast food giant Taco Bell is kicking it with promotional socks.

More importantly ASI says not to worry about logos or messages getting lost under pant legs. “These days, the youth market like to wear shorts with higher socks,” one industry stalwart says. “When the sock has a funny logo or team that they love to support, the wearer loves to show them off.”

As ASI's article hints, athletic socks are a big hit. Other ideas that work well for winter include wool and thick cotton socks, as well as slipper socks, which are ideal for cozying up at home in front of warm fires.

Winter Hats

Back when it was a bit warmer in July our blog posted a little run down on some of the different types of winter hats.  Every year starting in the late summer (as some SMBs plan for fall) we see lots of promo products distributors tap this classic and inexpensive wearable as an idea for their customers.

Looking at styles, Esquire compiled a list of 15 kinds of cold-weather hats, while The Trend Setter offers advice on "how to wear" them. Another source called The Idle Man details a few popular styles of knit beanies, we think make for an easier pitch.

Simple yet good-looking styles that people wear today include:

  • Cuffed beanies: A basic, traditional-looking, common style that comes with extra material folded over or knitted to the bottom.
  • Slouch beanies: Longer and a favorite with younger crowds, called so because the top of the hat "slouches" downward at the back of the head.
  • Pom-pom hats: A playful classic with a ball or "pom” on top, it is versatile with multiple colors and great for sports fans.

Although warmth in wintertime is a no-brainer and perhaps an easy sell, conveying to customers the product variety available is essential. Another point is that the beanie is one of the best items for high quality embroidered logos. They're a great idea for businesses that want to see their brand worn all winter long.


Another wearable that can show off logos well is the scarf. Available in every fabric from cotton to fleece to silk, ASI also points out that this popular winter accessory is often underutilized by businesses. There are also sets of hats and scarves that come in a variety of colors and finishes, which are ideal for winter sports lovers as well as families with kids who play out in the snow.

Remember, you can never have too many extra accessories when winter hits and that’s true for your customers and their target clients. Whether they want to dress up employees, trade show booth visitors or even best customers, winter wearables are one great way to keep their brands in motion during the chilliest months.


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