Trade Shows

Making Trade Shows Work for You

Kelly Glass

With a full slate of industry trade shows coming up over the next few months, it’s important to know that the time and investment you’re putting into events will be worth your while. So, sorry folks: that means late nights partying with industry friends and then sleeping through the showroom floor is probably not the best strategy.

Promo Products to Bundle Up In

Kelly Glass

Putting a brand or logo to work not only helps a company to look good; it also keeps its name ever-present in the minds of customers. Certainly wearables — including hats, outwear and jackets — are a huge part of the promotional products landscape. But there are always new items coming to market and ideas that distributors can present to their customers to make them stand out.

Relationship Building: Still Important in the Digital Age

Kelly Glass

We all know that, in the digital age, communication has become much easier and more immediate. In just a few minutes, you can fire off an email to check in with a customer. Sometimes, if you have a personal relationship with folks who do business with you, just a text will suffice.

Trade Shows Offer Opportunities to Reach Different People

Kelly Glass

We've talked a lot about trade shows here on the Idea Custom Solutions' blog over the past two years. One remarkable thing about the trade show industry is that now there is a wider variety of venues and occasions in which small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) can participate.

Gift Bags Grab New Business

Kelly Glass

It's that time of year again when the nominations are announced for the next Academy Awards. Along with all the great films of 2016, one topic that gets almost as much buzz as the celebrities and their fashions is the party atmosphere at The Oscars. Another perk at celebrated events like this and the Golden Globe Awards is what is given away to attendees — the gift bags.

Helping SMBs Reboot their Trade Show Strategies

Kelly Glass

As 2017 rolls out, both big companies and small and medium size businesses (SMBs) are looking for ways to increase their visibility, strengthen their reputations and engage customers. Trade shows are one tactic that businesses in almost every sector rely on.

Selling to Trade Shows and their Exhibitors

Kelly Glass

At trade shows and conferences, most booths and exhibit space typically have some sort of specialty advertising or promotional products emblazoned with exhibitors’ names and logos.

​Which Promotional Products Work Best?

Kelly Glass

Small businesses might ask their marketing partners about "what's hot." Anytime trade shows are on the calendar, it’s a good time for them to consider the latest promotional products to be released. But it’s also helpful for them to understand the products that make up the biggest slice of the market and why.

​Promotional Products to Pitch Now

Kelly Glass

Sometimes we get overly excited about promotional products at Idea Custom Solutions. We know the specialty advertising industry helps small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) market their goods and services in a unique, cost-effective way. Plus, we recognize promotional products are a marketing approach that is influenced by what is going on in branding and technology, as well as trends in fashion, sports and recreation.

​Print + Digital = Integrated Marketing

Kelly Glass

We’ve heard it a few times before: Print is NOT dead! No matter how much you love your smartphone, tablet or laptop, you know it’s true. Certainly your mailbox hasn't suddenly emptied of catalogs from retailers and clothing companies just because of the internet.

In working with businesses of all kinds, we have discovered that B2B firms and high-end sales outfits take print marketing as less of a mass marketing ritual and something that is much more tailored to their distinct buyers. As such, certain business sectors have specialized needs when it comes to print collateral.


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