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Fancy awards like Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes and others are one of the biggest money makers for promotional products companies because of small batches and high price points. To win business, you need to be well-informed.

Everything You Didn’t Know About Producing Awards

Kelly Glass
It’s award season, everybody! Get ready to see your favorite celebrities up on stage, giving speeches and brandishing awards that we normal people would be lucky to even touch, let alone win. These fancy awards — think the Emmy, Oscar, Golden Globe and even MTV’s Moon Person — are one of the biggest money makers for any promotional products company, thanks to the small batches and extremely high price points.

​Meet the PPAI Woman of Achievement Winners for 2018

Kelly Glass

Every year, the Promotional Products Association International bestows a special award on women in the industry called the Woman of Achievement Award. The award honors women in the industry who have worked tirelessly to advance the role of women in the promotional products world, as well as women who have shown great leadership and community contributions. This year, two women took home the award: Marsha Londe and Mary Ellen Sokalski. Let’s get to know them.

5 Tips to Delivering Winning Sales Pitches

Kelly Glass

The stage is set. You’ve greeted them with a handshake and exchanged pleasantries. Now it’s “show time”. You must win over your potential customers. As you begin, the last thing you want to do is flub your lines. And winging performances works for virtually no one.

Gift Bags Grab New Business

Kelly Glass

It's that time of year again when the nominations are announced for the next Academy Awards. Along with all the great films of 2016, one topic that gets almost as much buzz as the celebrities and their fashions is the party atmosphere at The Oscars. Another perk at celebrated events like this and the Golden Globe Awards is what is given away to attendees — the gift bags.

Awards and Recognition Are a Great Branding Idea

Kelly Glass

In the period of booming growth after World War II, the consumer sector and mass media exploded. And long before rank-and-file employees and executives were being rewarded for great results and hard work with stock options, profit sharing plans, or even company trips, "the company watch" became a symbol of achievement and service for American professionals.

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