April 2016

Spring: a Great Time for Business

Kelly Glass

Just three months ago a lot of us who live in the northern part of the U.S., along with those in Canada, were left scratching our heads. “Why in the world is it so warm?” January and February, as we all know typically brings sub-zero chills. When winter is pleasant, we have opportunity to ski, snowboard or go sledding.

​T-shirts: Not Just Wearable Business Cards

Kelly Glass

Let’s say one of your customers wants to promote his or her business.

How Important is it to Know Your Customer?

Kelly Glass

Some say that the smartest and most profitable businesses are so prosperous — and so much more successful than everyone else — because of one thing. They know their customers, and their future customers, better than everyone else.

Even in venture capital, which is a sector that some might assume is just about writing large checks or chasing the next big tech trend, customer knowledge is a big deal.

Salespeople: Mobilizing Their Brands Daily

Kelly Glass

Last summer, LinkedIn’s Pulse ran an article stating something that almost everyone in business probably knows: salespeople are very competitive compared to other humans. Business data scientist Ji-A Min wrote that “Popular opinion argues — and research shows — that competitiveness is correlated with selling success.”