April 28, 2016

Spring: a Great Time for Business

Submitted by Kelly Glass

Just three months ago a lot of us who live in the northern part of the U.S., along with those in Canada, were left scratching our heads. “Why in the world is it so warm?” January and February, as we all know typically brings sub-zero chills. When winter is pleasant, we have opportunity to ski, snowboard or go sledding.

Hands and Cleaning Tools Show Spring Cleaning is Good for Business

Instead, those of us at Idea Custom Solutions found ourselves conjuring up ways to promote business when warm weather hits. And why not? We know that warmer weather, no matter what time of year it finally comes around, tends to get both businesses and consumers moving. As we’ve highlighted before, outdoor pursuits are a huge opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to put their names in front of potential customers — whether they are on Frisbees, on the side of barbecue grills, or smack-dab on golf putters. The change of seasons also provides opportunities to step back and refocus to make the most of the rest of the year.

Small Business “Spring Cleaning”

The concept of “spring cleaning” is typically associated with the homestead: emptying closets, sweeping out garages, and maybe even (finally) taking down holiday decorations. But for entrepreneurs, spring cleaning might be just the thing to get them charged for a successful summer and beyond.

Small Biz Daily recommends actually cleaning things up. This includes “purging” old or unnecessary documents from computers as well as clutter in desk drawers. But, if business owners don’t have time to do it themselves, or if the thought of decluttering makes their head spin, professional organizers can help. In 2016, they are about as common in every state as plumbers and auto mechanics, and hiring one might help them do more than just declutter. Many professional organizers are skilled with not just shaping up storage space, but can help transform the office workspace into a more organized, useful and enjoyable place.

Taking a hard business and technology angle, writer and entrepreneur David Kiger came up with “10 Spring Cleaning Tips for Small Business Owners”. In reorganizing to revitalize, Kiger recommends emptying out the email inbox, as well as updating website content as needed, while also making sure gadgets and office technology have the right security.

Tidying up for Trade Shows

Whether your customers are consumer-focused or more B2B, chances are that they engage their clients in some way at events or trade shows. And as a distributor of specialty advertising and promotional products, you know that at this point in the trade show season typically necessitates a reload of promos and giveaways by your customers.

Why are they so important to businesses? In short, because customers like promotional products! According to a study highlighted in an article by Business 2 Community:

•    83% of consumers like getting promotional products.
•    38% say promotional products are a constant reminder of the advertiser.
•    76% of people who’d received a promotional product were able to recall the product, advertiser, and message two years after receiving the item.

Additionally, 69% people responded that they will pick up a promotional product if they think it’s useful, while 23% will grab a free promotional item no matter what it is. So by helping your customers have giveaways available at their next trade show or business event, you give their potential clients yet another reason to approach them.

Freshen Up Marketing

Small businesses often need assistance when it comes to polishing their images. For some, spring cleaning may include a logo redesign or enhancement. Many small businesses work with relatives or friends when they first start out to keep design costs down. As they grow, a more professional image makes sense.

Whether or not their logo changes, review with your customers the need for renewed supplies (and possibly improved designs!) of business cards, letterhead, invoices and envelopes. They may also want to produce some attractive marketing collateral such as product flyers and company brochures. Consult with them and take the through an audit of all their promotional materials.

By helping them to put their businesses, brands and marketing in order, you deliver measurable value to customers that will keep them coming back for your expertise. Idea Custom Solutions will be your silent partner, delivering all the logo designs, marketing collateral, vector artwork and embroidery digitizing so you can help customers’ brands shine!


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