Enthusiasm for a Cool Marketing Season

Kelly Glass

Fall is certainly filled with themes on which businesses can capitalize. For example, there is back-to-school, turning leaves and pumpkin-spiced everything. There is also the second-most lucrative holiday for most retailers, Halloween. Other important events include Thanksgiving and Veterans' Day, as well as marketing-driven occasions such as Sweetest Day.


Drinkware: For the Home, Office or School

Kelly Glass

It's arguably one of the most useful kinds of promotional products out there. The drinkware category continues to be a tried-and-true choice for promoting small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in every sector.

It's Never too Early to Plan for Fall and Winter

Kelly Glass

One great way to tap into the enthusiasm for the upcoming fall and winter is to highlight football promotions. As we have mentioned before, football is currently America's favorite sport -- both the professional and college varieties. The sport provides many opportunities for distributors of promotional products.

Portable Promo Products: Small But Effective!

Kelly Glass

Long before cellular mobile phones became "smart", letting you surf the internet, watch movies, or record every moment of yourself climbing Mount Everest or Machu Picchu, it was a big deal when the cell phone became something you could slip in your pocket.

Green and Eco-friendly Promotional Products

Kelly Glass

Despite their long history and broad usage, disposable plastic shopping bags are on their way out. A number of cities nationwide have banned disposable plastic bags completely. Meanwhile, other cities like Chicago have created a tax to suppress their use by consumers.

Relationship Building: Still Important in the Digital Age

Kelly Glass

We all know that, in the digital age, communication has become much easier and more immediate. In just a few minutes, you can fire off an email to check in with a customer. Sometimes, if you have a personal relationship with folks who do business with you, just a text will suffice.

The Practice of the Rebrand is Here to Stay

Kelly Glass

If you keep a close eye on marketing, you know that rebranding has been a prominent strategy over the last two years. From all the evidence we've seen, rebranding is not just a recent trend. Likewise, with so many different types of businesses retooling their marketing strategies, it's pretty clear also that this approach is not going away.

Planning for Summer is a Smart Strategy

Kelly Glass

April showers bring May flowers, the old saying goes. If you live and work in the northern half of the Unites States, you're probably just now breaking out your light spring jacket and warming up to the idea of some consistent good weather.


Great Logos Provide Value to SMBs

Kelly Glass

It's probably true that entrepreneurs think differently, which is why they can invent things or discover new approaches. But how do they think?


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