SMBs Brand Their Businesses by Being Their Best

Kelly Glass

Branding today is different than it was in the last century. One simple reason is that there are more ways to reach people, thanks to changes in technology, media and the way we consume content.

​Promotional T-Shirts: Give Them What They Want

Kelly Glass

Sometimes just knowing what your customers want can seem like the biggest challenge of all. In the promotional products industry, we know that t-shirts are extremely popular with both consumers and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Yet when businesses place orders, what they buy is focused on what will best promote their businesses. Meanwhile, consumers consider personal preferences, such as fashion, fit and their own personalities, when making t-shirt purchases.

​Promotional Products to Pitch Now

Kelly Glass

Sometimes we get overly excited about promotional products at Idea Custom Solutions. We know the specialty advertising industry helps small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) market their goods and services in a unique, cost-effective way. Plus, we recognize promotional products are a marketing approach that is influenced by what is going on in branding and technology, as well as trends in fashion, sports and recreation.

Marketing Collateral is More than Sales Info

Kelly Glass

Marketing collateral is one of those funny terms. Depending on what line of business you are in — whether real estate, heavy machinery, technology or something else — marketing collateral could be a brochure or sales piece that shows off something your company makes. Whereas if you offer services, you're probably thinking that marketing collateral presents the bullet points that sell your expertise.

​Three Hot Markets for Promotional Product Distributors

Kelly Glass

Businesses of every shape and size need to market in some way. Distributors of specialty advertising and promotional products provide small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with one of the most cost-effective ways to promote their products and services to customers, particularly in niche markets.

Design Express

A new logo is one of those things that make a small company “official”. Putting a logo on a business card, letterhead, or even a sign on the front door is as special to owners as the first dollar that goes from a customer’s wallet into their bank account. As you already know, one way for your customers to get their logo to resonate with more customers is to put it out in the market with specialty advertising and promotional products. But then the next logical question is, “What kind of giveaways?” 

Rebranding: A Quick Rundown

Kelly Glass

Rebranding is a popular topic these days, not just with major corporations, but with institutions of all kinds. Rebranding seems to be happening everywhere.

You may have heard about the many municipalities — cities, small towns, and business destinations, for example — who are rebranding in an effort to court business and in some cases tourists.

Is Logo Design “Black and White”?

Kelly Glass

There’s been a lot of talk about logos this year. Whether businesses are driven to tweak their logo every few years out to stay on trend or the get attention for the latest products they launch, more 20 major brands have changed their logos this year.

Races and Fitness Events: A Marketing Bonanza

Kelly Glass

Not all of us are the “runner” type. It takes a special something to take on the task of completing a marathon. Just training for a race — even a half-marathon or 10K race — is a major commitment.

While avid runners take to the blacktop in cities nationwide almost every weekend of every year, major brands look to go the distance too. Just about every marathon, 5K race or walk-a-thon funds charities and has a roster of major corporate sponsors.

Revolutionary New Strategy: Listening to Customers

Kelly Glass

At the end of March, General Motors announced what you could call a new social media and marketing strategy. GM’s radical new approach: listening to people.


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