November 2016

Drink Up to Great Promotions

Kelly Glass

Last fall Eater, a prominent online magazine that covers everything culinary from fancy food brands and the charm of local diners to flatware, hotel bar matchbooks and promotional accessories, made an interesting declaration.

Employees Wear Brands Well

Kelly Glass

"A great work uniform not only makes your employees feel and look good, but it also increases positive brand recognition and company image, and helps promote safety in the workplace," writes PPB Magazine, a publication of the Promotional Products Association International.

That's certainly true. But also remember that a prominent logo on shirts, outwear or other apparel gets the name and brand of companies or institutions out there for all to see.

Sports: A Great Way for SMBs to Boost Brand

Kelly Glass

Just over a week ago sports history was made. After 108 years without a championship, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series, in a contentious and exciting seven-game battle with the Cleveland Indians. We knew before the first pitch was thrown was that sports excite people.

Small Businesses Must Be Bold Brands Too

Kelly Glass

Often when we hear about the concept of “the brand” in the business press the focus tends to be on huge companies. In the late 20th century, it was firms that dominated their markets with high-quality, specialized yet mass-produced products that just about everyone used from brands such as Kodak and M&M Mars.