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3 Trade Show Must-Haves for 2017

Kelly Glass

Trade shows are an important cornerstone of both the American and world economy. They're one place where B2B companies can build relationships and sell to each other. For other firms that sell goods and services to consumers, trade shows foster an environment where they can build their brands and reputations.

Of course, a perk for guests and attendees at trade shows is the free stuff. Promotional products weren't necessarily invented with trade shows in mind, but certainly fit the environment perfectly.

Does Your Brand Have a Style Guide?

Kelly Glass

When you think of the National Air and Space Administration, known more famously as NASA, you probably think of names like Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, the first humans to walk on the moon back in 1969. Perhaps NASA's even bigger footprint conjures up thoughts of America's Space Race depicted by Hollywood in “The Right Stuff” and “Hidden Figures”.

Coffee Shows How Small Brands Can Become Big

Kelly Glass

It seems today like gourmet coffee is just another part of life. It's something that is consumed as readily by Americans almost as much as air, water and food. Today, coffee comes in just about any flavor, roast, or serving style imaginable and plenty of busy coffee lovers even pay a little extra (and wait up to five minutes!) for single cup of coffee.

New Year’s Resolutions for SMBs and Companies that Serve Them

Kelly Glass

It's pretty typical that, when the end of the year rolls around, small and medium size business (SMB) owners think in terms of what is in store for next year. Setting goals and aspiring to new opportunities is part of the entrepreneurial mindset.

Moving On: Let Failure Motivate You to Prosper

Kelly Glass

One of the greatest things that can happen in business is winning that game-changing deal. No matter what line of business you are in, bagging the big account or scoring an important new customer can make your day or even your month. It is what motivates business owners to do what they do.

Quality of Work, Quality of Life

Kelly Glass

Long before anyone had ever heard of Bill Gates, Cheryl Sandberg or Warren Buffet, there was one individual who exemplified ingenuity and achievement. Throughout the 20th Century and much of the post-industrial age, Howard R. Hughes, Jr., was known as an innovator, a celebrity and a universal man.

At age 19, Hughes inherited 75% of his family’s fortune. Because he also inherited some of his father’s ambition, gift for mechanics and engineering, and entrepreneurial spirit, the younger Hughes set out to change the world.

Winter isn’t About “Winter Blues”, it is About Opportunity

Kelly Glass

Watching the snow fall nationwide with predictions of more to come can put some people in hibernation mode. Although winter in many parts of the U.S. has been fairly mild so far, with the transition to the New Year, some people sit and wait for snow to melt, pausing until things start happening again.

Thoughts of being snowed in, kids getting days off from school and working from home might sound cozy and heartwarming. But what does it mean for the business owner? It all depends on you.


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