A Brand Speaks, But What Does It Say?

Kelly Glass

Over the last century or so, the concept of a brand has evolved into something that is very important to businesses of every size, as well as universities and even non-profits.

How to Stand Out in 2016

Kelly Glass

One of the things I really can’t stand is clutter. Whether it’s random papers or objects on a desk, or even junk messages in my email inbox, clutter takes up space. It also can distract from the most important business tasks at hand.

Just like an overloaded desk, there is a lot of junk on the internet and in the digital world. Sometimes all of the industry news, trending stories of the day, and advertisements make it seem too difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to stand out among the clutter.

Rebranding Checklist

Planning to update your company's brand? Here is a quick reference on what you need to do. Feel free to let Idea Custom Solutions know if you have other suggestions! We'd be happy to help you on the design of your new logo and marketing materials.

Logos Present Opportunity to Engage Audiences

Kelly Glass

With the arrival of winter comes hockey season for sports fans. The National Hockey League is now in full swing, with the Winter Classic set for New Years’ Day. Meanwhile men, women and children across North America play and watch “the fastest game on earth”.

Let Logos Lead the Way

Kelly Glass

At Idea Custom Solutions, we’ve been thinking (and talking) a lot about logos these days. It’s not just because new logos, logo design and rebrands are a trending topic.

Rebranding: A Quick Rundown

Kelly Glass

Rebranding is a popular topic these days, not just with major corporations, but with institutions of all kinds. Rebranding seems to be happening everywhere.

You may have heard about the many municipalities — cities, small towns, and business destinations, for example — who are rebranding in an effort to court business and in some cases tourists.

Is Logo Design “Black and White”?

Kelly Glass

There’s been a lot of talk about logos this year. Whether businesses are driven to tweak their logo every few years out to stay on trend or the get attention for the latest products they launch, more 20 major brands have changed their logos this year.

Do Logos Really Speak to Customers?

Kelly Glass

A few weeks ago we reviewed some old and new ideas on the discussion of logo design. One interesting tidbit from the multibillion dollar fast food sector is the large number of companies, such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Checkers and more, that use “exciting,” high-wavelength colors like red and yellow to draw in consumer eyes.

Building Your Brand

Kelly Glass

The American idea of DIY — short for “do it yourself” — is something that has long been considered one of the cornerstones of success in enterprise. Entrepreneurs use their own wits and personal drive to make small businesses and startups work. While self-reliance and perseverance are essential ingredients to making any business idea work, often the entrepreneur with a revolutionary product idea needs help with the elements of building a brand.

Brand Building and Promotion for 2015

Kelly Glass

If you’re talking to your customers on a regular basis, you may find that, for many of them, right now business is very good. And it’s not just talk. 2015 looks to be a landmark year.


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