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Logo Design: Get What You Pay For

Kelly Glass

At Idea Custom Solutions, we love talking about branding, as well as the different ways that small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can stand out in very competitive markets.

No matter what sector companies are in, the logos and identities of their businesses matter. This goes for everyone, not just the megabrands. Logos are often the first images that pop up into customers’ minds — and what keeps companies top-of-mind.

Marketing Collateral is More than Sales Info

Kelly Glass

Marketing collateral is one of those funny terms. Depending on what line of business you are in — whether real estate, heavy machinery, technology or something else — marketing collateral could be a brochure or sales piece that shows off something your company makes. Whereas if you offer services, you're probably thinking that marketing collateral presents the bullet points that sell your expertise.

A Brand Speaks, But What Does It Say?

Kelly Glass

Over the last century or so, the concept of a brand has evolved into something that is very important to businesses of every size, as well as universities and even non-profits.


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