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Does Your Brand Have a Style Guide?

Kelly Glass

When you think of the National Air and Space Administration, known more famously as NASA, you probably think of names like Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, the first humans to walk on the moon back in 1969. Perhaps NASA's even bigger footprint conjures up thoughts of America's Space Race depicted by Hollywood in “The Right Stuff” and “Hidden Figures”.

Coffee Shows How Small Brands Can Become Big

Kelly Glass

It seems today like gourmet coffee is just another part of life. It's something that is consumed as readily by Americans almost as much as air, water and food. Today, coffee comes in just about any flavor, roast, or serving style imaginable and plenty of busy coffee lovers even pay a little extra (and wait up to five minutes!) for single cup of coffee.

The Practice of the Rebrand is Here to Stay

Kelly Glass

If you keep a close eye on marketing, you know that rebranding has been a prominent strategy over the last two years. From all the evidence we've seen, rebranding is not just a recent trend. Likewise, with so many different types of businesses retooling their marketing strategies, it's pretty clear also that this approach is not going away.

Colors Set the Tone for Brands

Kelly Glass

What do the colors of a brand, logo and business say? What kind of messaging do brand colors convey to current customers, future customers and would-be customers? And what do they say about what a company stands for?

Conquering Customer Complaints with Communication

Kelly Glass

All businesses have them: those customers who are just a little more demanding, require a little more attention and can be a little more difficult to deal with than the rest.

For promotional products distributors, it might seem that every customer is absolutely vital and must be cherished. It’s commonly thought that tough customers are a reality you have to deal with, no matter the sector in which you operate. Yet, lots of times "the squeaky wheel" might be the customer we need for revenue and to keep us on our toes.


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