December 2017

Gifts That Make Clients Grateful

Kelly Glass

‘Tis the season for gift giving! As the holidays wind down and shopping lists shorten, your customers may get stumped on what to get their clients. Advise them to never pass up the opportunity to say thank you to existing clients or even to gift competitors’ customers — more than half of companies do this!

Promotional Products Topping Our Holiday List

Kelly Glass

The holiday hustle has begun! As you begin to write your own wish lists, there are a plenty of companies’ with promotional products that are topping the lists (and trees!) of others that you should know about. Get into the spirit and check out merchandise to inspire your clients on their next round of holiday promotional product purchases.

4 Rules to Designing a Great Logo

Kelly Glass

In pop culture, we are surrounded by logos that are so incredible, they have become recognizable across multiple generations, such as the golden arches, a silhouette of an apple or the black swoosh. Even these descriptors alone automatically trigger in most minds the brands they represent.