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Brand to the Customer's Experience

Kelly Glass

Many experts today say that brands aren’t just logos or catchy monikers that become household names and that brand identity is all about the right messaging. But in an increasingly competitive — and digital — world, there is one thing smart businesses can count on to build their brands’ longevity: the customer experience.

Logo Design: Get What You Pay For

Kelly Glass

At Idea Custom Solutions, we love talking about branding, as well as the different ways that small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can stand out in very competitive markets.

No matter what sector companies are in, the logos and identities of their businesses matter. This goes for everyone, not just the megabrands. Logos are often the first images that pop up into customers’ minds — and what keeps companies top-of-mind.

​Welcome the Hospitality Sector to Your Business Plan

Kelly Glass

The hospitality business is ever-changing. A sector that was dominated a hundred years ago by local inns and eateries is now so diverse that large chains like Marriott, Choice and W, as well as restaurants including Chili’s, Outback and Red Lobster, spread their big brands all over the world while smaller operations still pop up.


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