January 15, 2019

​Cinnabon Joins the Branded Swag Revolution

Submitted by Kelly Glass

Everyone, please welcome Cinnabon to the ranks of the branded swag experts. The cinnamon roll company has just joined other restaurants, such as Taco Bell, McDonalds, Arby’s, and Kellogg’s, in promoting their brand with deliciously clever clothing and products.

Bustle calls the new collection at Cinnabon a “’90s kid paradise,” full of soothing colors and wordplay, hitting at a demographic that essentially grew up with the brand. The first Cinnabon opened in 1985 and any 90s kid worth their salt sugar has had an incredibly unhealthy amount of those delicious rolls. The online store itself has been open since 2008, but this year had been a banner year for “cinnaswag”.

The first stop on the Cinnabon ingenuity train was the delivery platform. As of a few weeks ago, you can “giftabon” cinnamon rolls to anyone anywhere in the US, overnight with free delivery. And because that just wasn’t enough, we’ve now got 12 fun new pieces of merchandize to choose from that we can wear while waiting for our rolls to arrive.

What’s cooking in the merch store? Some sweet shirts with clever sayings like “Baked with Love” on a onesie, “Bon in the Oven” on a maternity shirt, “I like big bons and I cannot lie” on a sweatshirt and, our favorite, “Working on My Six Pack” on a tank with an image of six Cinnabons on a tray. There are also a couple vintage tees with Cinnabon logos and a sweatshirt explaining that “My head says gym, but my heart says Cinnabon.” We agree, sweatshirt. We agree.

Aside from the tops, you can snap up some cinnamon roll patterned sweatpants, a quirky themed apron, and a mug with directions for the day: “First I drink the coffee, then I’m on a roll.”

Have any clients in the food industry? Start cooking up some clever campaigns for them with branded promotional products. We’ll handle all the vector artwork and embroidery digitizing to decorate the items (but you get to take all the credit!).


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