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​Instagram-Worthy Promotional Products Marketing Tips

Kelly Glass

An April 2018 article in the Times of India highlighted the selfie craze and how logoed apparel has seen a major boost in sales thanks to Instagram and Facebook selfie posts.

Should SMBs Chase Sharks During Shark Week?

Kelly Glass

If you are paying attention to social media in earlier part of July, you might have heard some people chirping about Shark Week. Not just shark experts and oceanographers, but, well . . . everybody. Look up the hashtag #SharkWeek, or just take a spin through your social media and you will see Shark Week has people talking

Social Media: Your Ally in Gaining Customers

Kelly Glass

Earlier this month, we mentioned social media as a part of the mix for brand-building ideas in 2015. By now, just about everyone you know has a Facebook page or Twitter account. And it’s pretty standard to find out about a breaking news story via social media. Chances are that, if you’re a busy person, you default to your phone first and might be reading news on mobile.

Moreover, think about the last time you got a recommendation on a good restaurant or wanted to check the game score for your favorite college football team. Did you end up on their Facebook page?

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