California Wildfires Strain Promo Products Industry

Amy Maciejewski

Massive parts of California are facing danger from ongoing wildfires, which threaten to wipe out homes and businesses alike. ASI’s Counselor Magazine reached out to some of the potentially affected promotional products companies in the fire zones to see how they’re doing. Here’s what they had to say.

The Best Ways to Communicate in the Promo Products Industry

Amy Maciejewski

In this modern tech-enhanced era, the number of people screening their calls or just shirking the phone altogether is continually rising. And that can make business communications a little tough to manage. Does your client want a phone call, or just a voicemail? A Facebook message or a LinkedIn InMail message? A tweet or an Instagram follow? The opportunities for communication are virtually endless. But don’t worry—Advantages recently published a guide to connecting with others in the promotional products industry, including the best ways to do it and how.

Fanny Pack Fandom: A History of the World’s Most Hated (or Loved) Accessory

Amy Maciejewski

It’s official: fanny packs are back in style. For us in the promotional products world, that’s a great thing. It means another spot for an imprint to help show our clients off to the world. But now that they’re back, many wonder where fanny packs came from at all. Here’s a hint: They weren’t born during the last mega-surge of the accessory’s popularity.

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