December 2015

Logos Present Opportunity to Engage Audiences

Kelly Glass

With the arrival of winter comes hockey season for sports fans. The National Hockey League is now in full swing, with the Winter Classic set for New Years’ Day. Meanwhile men, women and children across North America play and watch “the fastest game on earth”.

Let Logos Lead the Way

Kelly Glass

At Idea Custom Solutions, we’ve been thinking (and talking) a lot about logos these days. It’s not just because new logos, logo design and rebrands are a trending topic.

​In Business, Atmosphere is Essential

Kelly Glass

Around Thanksgiving, The Atlantic Monthly rehashed a once revolutionary idea. “A New Business Strategy: Treating Employees Well” touched on the subject of productivity in business, a topic this blog explored right before the holiday. But the article wasn’t about simply giving extra pay or benefits to workers.

Rebranding: A Quick Rundown

Kelly Glass

Rebranding is a popular topic these days, not just with major corporations, but with institutions of all kinds. Rebranding seems to be happening everywhere.

You may have heard about the many municipalities — cities, small towns, and business destinations, for example — who are rebranding in an effort to court business and in some cases tourists.