January 21, 2015

Social Media: Your Ally in Gaining Customers

Submitted by Kelly Glass

Earlier this month, we mentioned social media as a part of the mix for brand-building ideas in 2015. By now, just about everyone you know has a Facebook page or Twitter account. And it’s pretty standard to find out about a breaking news story via social media. Chances are that, if you’re a busy person, you default to your phone first and might be reading news on mobile.

Moreover, think about the last time you got a recommendation on a good restaurant or wanted to check the game score for your favorite college football team. Did you end up on their Facebook page?

If so, this is exactly the kind of thinking that businesses and other institutions that market with social media are tapping into.

According to market research giant Mintel, U.S. businesses will spend $11 billion to promote their products and services in 2015.

Crowd Holding Graphics Because Social Media is an Asset to Gaining New Customers

ASI noted recently that all platforms are not necessarily equal. In terms of overall use, Facebook is the hands-down favorite, with 86% of users reporting visits to the site at least weekly. YouTube drew 60% of surveyed users, while other popular media included Google+ (43%), Twitter (37%) and LinkedIn (30%). Visual favorites Pinterest (30%) and Instagram (28%) also registered.

Just because digital channels seem to be trending, doesn’t mean that the tangible types of marketing are of any lesser value.

Your customers and prospects — retailers, law firms, restaurants and professional services firms like IT support — might increasingly tell you that they are focused on marketing with social media. But how do they get their own clients to know about and follow their Facebook pages?

The best way for businesses to promote their social media is to integrate their social media presence with other marketing approaches. As a part of an overall marketing campaign, promotional products can be used not only to highlight your customers’ names and brands but also the social media handles they are already using as a part of that marketing.

Promotional products such as corporate gifts and wearables should identify the company name and more. Make sure to tell your clients how their social media, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter — will get followers (and customers!) by integrating them into a well-rounded marketing strategy that includes specialty advertising.

Better yet, for your clients that use marketing materials like brochures, postcards and leave-behinds, every set of eyes represents a not only new follow to their social media, but also new business opportunities.

As your partner for the best in embroidery digitizing, vector artwork, image editing and virtual samples, we’re glad to help you deliver promotional products and expert consultation, making you an ally to clients and prospects marketing with social media.


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