New Year: New Habits, New Enlightenment

Kelly Glass

Habits are just part our lives. The things that we do every day — both for our business and personal needs — provide a framework on which we build our careers, help others and find personal happiness. From our earliest days in school, we are taught that structure is important. We also learn that habits are building blocks of the success we want to have.

Routines Are Good For Entrepreneurs of Companies Both Big and Small

Kelly Glass

Long after some of the 20th Century’s most monumental publications on success were released, such as Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People (1936) and Thomas Anthony Harris’s I’m OK, You’re OK, many of today’s most popular business books continue to talk about successful people.

Quality of Work, Quality of Life

Kelly Glass

Long before anyone had ever heard of Bill Gates, Cheryl Sandberg or Warren Buffet, there was one individual who exemplified ingenuity and achievement. Throughout the 20th Century and much of the post-industrial age, Howard R. Hughes, Jr., was known as an innovator, a celebrity and a universal man.

At age 19, Hughes inherited 75% of his family’s fortune. Because he also inherited some of his father’s ambition, gift for mechanics and engineering, and entrepreneurial spirit, the younger Hughes set out to change the world.

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