March 3, 2016

Warm Weather is Here Early: Prepare Your Marketing

Submitted by Kelly Glass

It’s the beginning of March, but where is that frigid weather? Whether it’s global warming, or just a lucky burst of warm air that’s got the temperatures up in northern parts of the country, sunnier days make us start to think of spring and summer. While winter isn’t exactly over everywhere in the U.S., having fewer snow days than usual might get the wheels in your marketing mind turning.

Golf Course and Golf Bag for Warm Weather Promotional Products

Here at Idea Custom Solutions, we’ve made much of the fact that small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) market to many different people in very different ways. For example, if you have clients that are services firms — perhaps accountants, law firms and local banks — the months of March and April conjure up tax time. As such, your customers’ tastes in tangible advertising might consist of classic promotion products like quality pens and office accessories, as well as desk toys which can make the long work days more productive and tolerable.

Putting the Swing in Spring with Golf Promos

Last spring, we heard from ASI about golf season. They wrote about how the passion for golf has spawned countless opportunities for SMBs to promote their brands with golf promo products.

According to the National Golf Foundation, which publishes analyses like the “Golf Economy Report” and “Golf’s Pyramid of Influence”, the number of rounds per day open is on the rise. On top of that, U.S. consumers spend $8.7 billion on retail golf equipment. This means golf as a fundraising and business-promotion mechanism is a booming opportunity.

Experts say that 25 million Americans play golf regularly, and millennials are taking to the links too. Whether or not your SMB customers play golf themselves, be sure to talk with them about the opportunities this still-growing pastime presents. Giveaways can include branded ball and tee sets, as well as caps, golf shirts and other wearables that their customers will readily use and keep.

Making Summer Fun Handy

Playing catch, hitting the beach and having a cold one over the scent of a fired-up grill: these are pillars of the American summertime experience. With that in mind, why not help the small businesses you know warm up summer with branded marketing promotions? The right specialty advertising can boost every SMB’s brand while enhancing summer fun for recipients.

Frisbees and beach balls are some of summer lover’s favorite toys. These popular recreational products, as well as others — items such as beach towels, coolers, folding chairs, umbrellas, flip-flops and sunglasses — can be easily imprinted. Summer items are a great way to put any business’s name and brand right where people can see it.

Building an Appetite to Do Business

While people are at play at the park or at the beach, don't forget they’ve got to eat and America loves a good barbecue. Experts say that 80% of American households own an outdoor grill or smoker, and 97% used their grill in the last year. For businesses wanting to stoke these fires, barbecue promo products like grill spatula sets, grilling aprons, and even branded rub and spice sets make for great gifts for your customers that will get them noticed.

Wherever you are located, people look forward to sunny days and the chance to go outside and play. Help your SMB customers enjoy the fun and sun with quality promotional products and wearables that will help their names and brands shine. We’ll help you with the vector artwork and embroidery digitizing to customize the products you recommend. We can even provide image editing for sales proposals and virtual samples to illustrate your campaign ideas for prospects!


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