November 13, 2018

Quiz: Is Your Logo Working?

Submitted by Kelly Glass

A logo is arguably one of the most important parts of your branding strategy. Think about it — when you see the golden arches, what’s the first thing you think of? McDonald’s. You may even get a bit hungry. That’s because the McDonald’s logo is doing its job. It’s reminding you of the brand and the products you get from it, and potentially triggering an emotional response. Granted, we can’t all sell hamburgers, but your business’s logo should elicit the same reaction from people.

So, is your logo actually working? Take this quick quiz to find out.

1. What color is it?

a. It’s just black and white
b. One single, bold color
c. It has ALL the colors

2. What shape is it?

a. A swoosh or two combined circles
b. One unique to the company with clean edges
c. Multiple shapes combined into one, possibly with text

3. What fonts are you using?

a. Comic Sans or Papyrus
b. Something simple and smooth
c. A filigree script

4. Is it social media friendly?

a. Social what?
b. Yes, in multiple sizes
c. It could work as a banner or Facebook photo

5. How complicated is it?

a. It’s overly simple
b. Not at all
c. It looks like a Magic Eye 3D image

6. Does it match your brand purpose?

a. Not really, but it looks neat
b. Absolutely, and you can tell just by looking at it
c. Yes, with some careful thought

7. How many people have reviewed it?

a. 0
b. 3
c. 1


  • Mostly As: Your logo is not doing its job. Perhaps it’s the amateurish design, the generic shape or even the fact that no one has reviewed it. Whatever it is, you need to get a new one and stat!
  • Mostly Bs: Congratulations! Your logo is clearly working for you. It doesn’t conform to cliché logo styles, it’s unique to your brand, it sends a clear message, you can use it in multiple outlets and enough people have reviewed it to ensure it isn’t garbage. Nice work!
  • Mostly Cs: You’re almost there. It seems like you’re sending the right message, but the logo itself is too complicated or overdone to do that quickly and easily. Think of it like accessorizing clothes: put on all the extras you want, then take half of it off.

Regardless of what you scored on this quiz, it’s always good to have a trained professional evaluate your logo. Send it over to Idea Custom Solutions today and we’ll let you know if it works. If it doesn’t, we’ll help you design a new logo at an amazing price. We have a creative brief for you to complete and you’ll discuss your objectives with a design consultant. Learn more.


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