May 20, 2015

The Power of Do-It-For-Me Solutions

Submitted by Kelly Glass

Perhaps you are one of those brave, industrious people who knows how to fix things. For decades, the “weekend warrior” has been an iconic role in the American way of life. There are men and women who simply love to solve everyday problems around the house and the yard on Saturdays and Sundays.


Some even help their next-door neighbors on tasks from building fences to fixing the kitchen sink, acquiring new skills and knowledge. And since the boom of the home computer and personal electronics in the 1980s, geeks and hobbyists have mastered tech projects with the same fervor.

Woman Consulting with Two People on a Do-It-For-Me Solution

From the ingenuity of the weekend warrior, whole industries have been built. Retailers like Home Depot serve the needs of the savvy homeowner and garden enthusiast, while Abt, Best Buy and online tech retailers also help the solo technologist solve everyday problems. There are even retailers today that sell parts and equipment to beer-loving home brewers to assist them in the venture of home-made beer.


But while many Americans may be independent in terms of fixing, making and solving things, our country’s prosperity has also boosted specialization and the “do-it-for-me” economy. From enterprise technology solutions to business services and even gourmet meals, Americans don’t mind paying for services that someone else can do better.


Think about the services you use, both as a business person and a consumer. A lot of what drives business-to-business activity today is the ability of one party to solve another party’s problem with the right solutions.


Whether you own a bakery, work as a lawyer, or are a landscaper or wedding planner, chances are you want to focus your efforts and your passion on what you do best. If you are a business owner who services these types of SMBs, you can add value to someone’s business by offering your expertise.


Idea Custom Solutions partners with specialty advertising, decorating, printing, sign, awards and other companies, who sell to businesses both big and small. We know — as you do — that SMB owners often don’t have time, much less the interest in a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach to marketing and advertising for their businesses.


From branded drinkware to writing utensils and wearables, the Advertising Specialty Institute notes that consumers use and keep promotional products. Plus, businesses know that when their logo or business name gets seen, it helps build name recognition, which equals sales down the road. But busy business owners often don’t know where to start and need help in selecting the right products for their marketing mix and developing true campaigns.


Show the SMBs you are in contact with what you offer in terms of ideas, expertise and products, to help them build brand recognition. If you demonstrate how you add value, SMB customers will gladly pay you to “do it for them”.


While you do it for customers, Idea Custom Solutions does it for you — providing the graphic support you need for decorating or printing products. By partnering with us, you’ll not only be able to confidently quote turn times and deliver quality, you’ll save a ton of time that can be better spent giving customers the benefits of your guidance and advice. That’s the power of “do-it-for-me”.




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