April 2018

​4 Embroidery Problems with Hats — and How to Solve Them

Kelly Glass

Hats are one the most widely used items for promotional products and spreading marketing messages. You see them everywhere, branded with company logos, short clever quips and brand names.

There’s only one problem. Embroidering hats, specifically ball caps, can be a pretty big hassle. Here are the top four problems with getting embroidered artwork on ball caps, and what you can do to solve them.

How to Handle Natural Disasters at Your Business

Kelly Glass

The weather’s been crazy, right? Hurricanes, blizzards, flooding, nor’easters . . .  all things that can cause major disaster for your business. You’ll need to act quickly if you want to be sure the damage isn’t irreversible or even more costly. If you’re the unfortunate victim of a force of nature, follow these steps to minimize the impact.

The History of Embroidery

Kelly Glass

Thinking of getting your customers’ logos embroidered? It’s a great choice! They will build on centuries of historical positivity at seeing an embroidered piece of art. Plus, the design style is booming right now and on-trend all over the runways. But where did embroidery begin and how has it gotten to the ubiquitous level it’s at today?

How to Resolve those Pesky Client Conflicts

Kelly Glass

Say it with me: The customer isn’t always right. Shocking, I know! But it’s true. And nothing can make a client angrier than not being right. It’s unfortunate how many client conflicts are born. But you don’t have to let disagreements with a customer ruin your business relationship. Here’s how to manage those customer conflicts and come out on top — without any lost revenue. (Special thanks go to Vanilla Ice for the entirely appropriate section headlines.).