August 2016

​Which Promotional Products Work Best?

Kelly Glass

Small businesses might ask their marketing partners about "what's hot." Anytime trade shows are on the calendar, it’s a good time for them to consider the latest promotional products to be released. But it’s also helpful for them to understand the products that make up the biggest slice of the market and why.

​Is Everyone Rebranding?

Kelly Glass

Last year, as businesses large and small evolved marketing strategies, launched new products and tried on new colors and typefaces, it seemed like an explosion of graphics occurred across the marketing galaxy.

​The Power of the Marketing Brochure Persists

Kelly Glass

In 2016, small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) and the customers that they serve tend to connect digitally. For example, social media is used by SMBs as an essential means to keep in touch and promote interaction (as well as sales transactions).