June 2016

​New Logos Create New Looks and Conversation

Kelly Glass

Over the last year, Idea Custom Solutions has talked quite a bit about rebranding. To us rebranding is, at least for most companies, an exercise that involves more than just a new logo on a website and social media, or putting up new signage.

Rebranding has more to do with reaffirming or restating what your mission is as a business, non-profit or educational institution. At a minimum, changing up your brand — including your logo, your fonts, your color schemes and even the look and feel of your marketing collateral — creates conversation.

​Promotional Products to Pitch Now

Kelly Glass

Sometimes we get overly excited about promotional products at Idea Custom Solutions. We know the specialty advertising industry helps small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) market their goods and services in a unique, cost-effective way. Plus, we recognize promotional products are a marketing approach that is influenced by what is going on in branding and technology, as well as trends in fashion, sports and recreation.

Marketing Collateral is More than Sales Info

Kelly Glass

Marketing collateral is one of those funny terms. Depending on what line of business you are in — whether real estate, heavy machinery, technology or something else — marketing collateral could be a brochure or sales piece that shows off something your company makes. Whereas if you offer services, you're probably thinking that marketing collateral presents the bullet points that sell your expertise.

​Welcome the Hospitality Sector to Your Business Plan

Kelly Glass

The hospitality business is ever-changing. A sector that was dominated a hundred years ago by local inns and eateries is now so diverse that large chains like Marriott, Choice and W, as well as restaurants including Chili’s, Outback and Red Lobster, spread their big brands all over the world while smaller operations still pop up.

Tech + Useful: The Future of Promotional Products?

Kelly Glass

The term wearables can mean different things to different people. To much of the tech-savvy world, “wearable” usually means any sort of gadget you might wear on your head, arm or even your waist. Wearable devices might pump out music, make phone calls, or serve up useful data. Items like the Fitbit and the Apple watch are changing how we work, play and live. They are also somewhat of a fashion statement for those on the cutting-edge.