February 2016

How to Ace Trade Shows

Kelly Glass

Each year, trade shows in every sector create not only the interactions that make businesses successful, but also the conversations that move our economy forward.

Chances are that you may even have your bags packed, ready to go make it rain in your industry. But before you set up your booth, consider a few tactics that will help you maximize ROI for your trade show appearance and get a little closer to conquering the world in the process.

​Print + Digital = Integrated Marketing

Kelly Glass

We’ve heard it a few times before: Print is NOT dead! No matter how much you love your smartphone, tablet or laptop, you know it’s true. Certainly your mailbox hasn't suddenly emptied of catalogs from retailers and clothing companies just because of the internet.

In working with businesses of all kinds, we have discovered that B2B firms and high-end sales outfits take print marketing as less of a mass marketing ritual and something that is much more tailored to their distinct buyers. As such, certain business sectors have specialized needs when it comes to print collateral.

A Brand Speaks, But What Does It Say?

Kelly Glass

Over the last century or so, the concept of a brand has evolved into something that is very important to businesses of every size, as well as universities and even non-profits.