July 2015

Quality of Work, Quality of Life

Kelly Glass

Long before anyone had ever heard of Bill Gates, Cheryl Sandberg or Warren Buffet, there was one individual who exemplified ingenuity and achievement. Throughout the 20th Century and much of the post-industrial age, Howard R. Hughes, Jr., was known as an innovator, a celebrity and a universal man.

At age 19, Hughes inherited 75% of his family’s fortune. Because he also inherited some of his father’s ambition, gift for mechanics and engineering, and entrepreneurial spirit, the younger Hughes set out to change the world.

Should SMBs Chase Sharks During Shark Week?

Kelly Glass

If you are paying attention to social media in earlier part of July, you might have heard some people chirping about Shark Week. Not just shark experts and oceanographers, but, well . . . everybody. Look up the hashtag #SharkWeek, or just take a spin through your social media and you will see Shark Week has people talking

What is a Brand?

Kelly Glass

Ever since we were children, Americans have gotten to know brands. Regardless of what generation you fit into — whether you are part of the now much-targeted millennials or a member of Generation X, Gen Y or Baby Boomers — you came to know brands from the television, radio and print ads that are ubiquitous to American life.

Keeping Things Simple

Kelly Glass

Running a business is no easy task. On any given day, you’ve got a hundred things to manage. And yet, in order to keep your business successful and growing, you always need to bring in new business, new sales and new orders.