March 2015

“Outside the Box” May Be Best for Some Customers

Kelly Glass

When the average business professional thinks about promotional products and advertising specialties, what comes to mind might not be ground breaking. Pens, mugs, hats and embroidered wearables are all favorite classic items that are used by everyday people, and are reserved enough in their designs to let a company’s logo shine or their brand name do the talking. Whatever your customers’ needs for customization of products, Idea Custom Solutions can help you through the process.

March “Madness”: Working with Less-than-Pleased Customers

Kelly Glass

The term “March Madness” conjures up thoughts of basketball, office pools and chicken wings. For the teams involved, the competition is high-stakes and, in the blink of an eye, a perennial powerhouse like Duke, Syracuse, or North Carolina can be eliminated from contention by a new rising star. On top of that, there is the excitement of the coaches yelling from the sidelines and fans cheering in crowded arenas.

Real Estate: Where It’s At!

Kelly Glass

Humans have been living indoors for a long, long time. It’s odd to think about it, but the home is probably the world’s oldest possession other than clothing. Yet, as consumers and viewers of the news, we tend to think of real estate as an industry sector that is entirely “cyclical”. But real estate is always in demand and people are always on the move.

Be Direct — Your Customers Will Appreciate It

Kelly Glass

We live in a very, very digital age. One in which the mobile phone often trumps the daily newspaper as a means for consumers to read the news. Meanwhile, businesses and the press vie for every consumer’s attention.

It’s easy to joke about what we call “click-bait”, or news posts that often aren’t very valuable in terms of providing information, but grab our attention nonetheless. Typically, click-bait grabs our interest long enough to make us wiggle our finger to click a headline to another webpage.