February 2015

Springtime = Warmer Weather, Brighter Opportunity

Kelly Glass

One of the things that it seems people are most excited about right now is the end of winter. For sure, if you live in one of the colder parts of the country you’re hearing your neighbors complain about more cold and more snow. They want the warmer weather . . . now!

Besides longer days, budding flowers and warmer temperatures, the spring and the summer present a lot of excellent opportunities for specialty advertising distributors to capitalize on people’s desire to be social and get outside.

SMBs and Email: Necessary Evil or Marketing Opportunity?

Kelly Glass

One thing that many people dread is the act of catching up on emails. It could be that you run a business in which every little thing is communicated through or documented by email. Or maybe you are one of those people that doesn’t hesitate to sign up for everything — discount offers, breaking news, alerts galore — that could reach you via email.

Going Mobile: Is the “Work Desk” Dead?

Kelly Glass

The 1996 film "Big Night" revealed the joys of a good joke, a hot plate of food and warm company, as well as the fact that even the Italian restaurant is a business.

Ian Holm’s character, the ruthless restauranteur Pascal, put his ideas of work more bluntly. “I am a business man,” he said. “I am anything I need to be at any time.”

Winter isn’t About “Winter Blues”, it is About Opportunity

Kelly Glass

Watching the snow fall nationwide with predictions of more to come can put some people in hibernation mode. Although winter in many parts of the U.S. has been fairly mild so far, with the transition to the New Year, some people sit and wait for snow to melt, pausing until things start happening again.

Thoughts of being snowed in, kids getting days off from school and working from home might sound cozy and heartwarming. But what does it mean for the business owner? It all depends on you.