January 2015

Keeping Business Down-to-Earth in a Technological Age

Kelly Glass

Well-publicized events like the Super Bowl haven’t always just been about blockbuster commercials and Katy Perry halftime shows.

The inaugural Super Bowl in 1967 featured a bout between two football titans: the Kansas City Chiefs and the Green Bay Packers. But that day people also got a glimpse of a space age marvel that would certainly change the way we would live and move about on daily basis.

Social Media: Your Ally in Gaining Customers

Kelly Glass

Earlier this month, we mentioned social media as a part of the mix for brand-building ideas in 2015. By now, just about everyone you know has a Facebook page or Twitter account. And it’s pretty standard to find out about a breaking news story via social media. Chances are that, if you’re a busy person, you default to your phone first and might be reading news on mobile.

Moreover, think about the last time you got a recommendation on a good restaurant or wanted to check the game score for your favorite college football team. Did you end up on their Facebook page?

Hot Economy: Where to Find Customers in 2015

Kelly Glass


Earlier this month, we made mention of just one of many news blurbs about how much the economy has not only rebounded, but grown. According to economists, things are good now and looking equally good for the next year.

Brand Building and Promotion for 2015

Kelly Glass

If you’re talking to your customers on a regular basis, you may find that, for many of them, right now business is very good. And it’s not just talk. 2015 looks to be a landmark year.