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Graphic Production and Business Services for Suppliers

As a promotional products supplier, your focus is on offering the best and most innovative products. But there are a range of behind-the-scenes functions related to delivering superior service that can be distracting and expensive to maintain internally. Many of the industry’s leading suppliers outsource functions such order management and virtual samples to companies that can provide the needed capacity, quality, reliability and fast turn times. The best partners act as extensions of the internal team and integrate with systems for a seamless and powerful approach.


  • Order management: Receiving orders for diverse products from various channels such as websites, email, telephone and fax and entering them in centralized systems to give you greater efficiency and drive higher customer satisfaction
  • Image editing: Modifying images by adding drop shadows and masks, cropping and sizing, creating clipping paths, removing logos and converting or normalizing files, so that the images can be repurposed to show your products in the best light in a variety of media like catalogs and websites
  • Virtual samples: Connecting with your system to grab orders and drop logos into your templates or creating files as needed to make customer approvals easier.
  • Vector artwork: Creating or converting images from various formats (e.g., .tif, .jpg, .gif) to vector format so they can be sized without losing clarity and are reproduced perfectly on any product.
  • Embroidery digitizing: Translating artwork into a series of commands to be read by an embroidery machine, so that you have beautifully sewn logos and designs on your products such as apparel, bags, caps, etc.

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